Cascade City, Richmond


Cascade City is a mixed-use development with 270 residential units by Landa Global Properties in Richmond’s Oval Village area. Boasting excellent frontage onto Gilbert Rd, commercial units at Cascade City have great exposure to high levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With proximity to Richmond’s Olympic Oval  and Lansdowne Skytrain Station, this highly sought-after landmark development is well located in the heart of Richmond’s growing city centre.

Property Details

Available Space

CRU 105 - 1807 SF
CRU 110 - 623 SF
CRU 115 - 1023 SF
CRU 120 - 981 SF
CRU 125 - 1635 SF
CRU 130 - 676 SF
CRU 135 - 2164 SF
CRU 140 - 936 SF
CRU 145 - 869 SF
CRU 150 - 2152 SF

Lease Rate

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